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November the month of Thanksgiving

Nov 1 - Skype talking to loved ones face to face that are miles and miles away.
Nov 2 - Nurses...field trip with high school nursing student.  Video made by nurses on a pediatric cancer ward brought tears to my eyes when a bald eight year old cancer patient announced with conviction, "That which does not kill you makes you stronger," took on a whole new meaning.
Nov 3 - DH took me to photograph beautiful Fall colors.  A hundred miles away and lots of hiking brought us to beautiful country and a scenic view everywhere I turned.  
Nov 4 -  Fasting...a religious practice to help me be humble enough to listen to answers to prayers I don't necessarily want to hear. 
Nov 5 - I am thankful for texting. A friend of mine has computer problems and we can keep in touch thanks to my new phone that I can text easily. It is even learning my vocabulary and the things I say most often. If I type in love it gives me a choice of you or mom next. :D
Nov 6 I am thankful for patience. I needed to comb the long hair of a little 2 year old. I needed lots of patience, I am thankful I had it.
Nov 8 -  I am thankful for kind people in rush hour traffic. You know the ones that let you in when you are expecting to wait at least 10 to 20 cars. 
Nov 9 - I am thankful for Firemen, police officers, emergency responders. School had a fire drill today. Just a practice. I knew that if it were a real emergency they would be there.  
Nov 10 - I am thankful for friends, especially my sister. ♥ 
Nov 11 - I am thankful for Veterans. Amazing men and women that value liberty above all else. 
Nov 12 - Thankful for sewing skills. Comes in handy from time to time.
Nov 13 - Thankful for alarm clocks. I probably would have slept until noon and missed work without it. :)
Nov 14 - Zumba and Express MiE Dance Studio. Thanks to stretching and strutting I am now able to run up stairs without my knees being in agony. I can change lanes because I can turn my head to see if the lane is clear and it is awesomely fun.  
Nov 15 - I am thankful for quotes. Amazing words said by someone else that get saved and recirculated just when I need it. I feel encouraged, strengthened, more determined to be the best I can be. 
Nov 16 - I am thankful to a sweet husband that cleaned the kitchen sparkly clean and vacuumed all the floors in the house while I was at work today.
Nov 17 - I am thankful for hyper vigilance.  Yes, I am aware it is a symptom of PTSD but it come in handy.  Tonight my sweet 1 year-old grandson sat across from me and I asked his dad what he was chewing, dad thought it was a piece of meat, nope it was a chicken bone. Hyper vigilance caught the situation before it was a problem.
Nov 18 - I am thankful for adult children. Each one is amazing and invited others to join our family. Joy doubled.
Nov 19 - I am thankful for the internet friends/fellow bloggers.  They share their interests, stories, and friendship.  Lord bless my computer my friends are in there.   
Nov 20 - I am thankful for people that work in the background, staff, secretaries, personal assistants, accountants, literally hundreds of thousands of people that show up for work do their thing with usually little or no appreciation.  Thanks K for keep reminding me to take care of myself and I have never met you, just doing your job, thanks.  
Nov 21- Ovens and refrigerators for preparing all the food that we are eating on Thanksgiving.  Better than wood fires and ice hauled from the mountains
Nov 22 - I am thankful for food and taste buds and fun family and food and sense of smell and grand-kids running around and food, did I mention food?  Happy Thanksgiving everyone that celebrates it and enjoy the day for those that don't.  
Nov 23 - I am thankful for kitty that greets meet, soft and furry. 
Nov 24 - I am thankful for amazing opportunity to be with my daughter while she dressed for her wedding. 
Nov 25 - I am thankful for rest and a time to heal. 
Nov 26 - I am thankful for Photography.
Nov 27 - Christmas lights...some people put them up over Thanksgiving break...Thanks
Nov 28 - I am thankful for a job to go to where I can help others
Nov 29 - I am thankful for my horn on my car.  Woke someone up to the fact that I was there.  The other car stopped within inches of mine.
Nov 30 - I am thankful for challenges, they offer me opportunities to grow.


My friends are thankful for:

Quercus Garryana ~ I am thankful for the internet - though it has dark sides to it, it has helped me to connect with people around the world who I would never meet coincidentally. I can discuss my challenges growing up as an ACoN with others who understand me. There is so much freely available knowledge from experts and ACoNs alike. There is so much room for personal growth and education, and even for friendship. :-)

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