Saturday, December 3, 2016

Shame and Vulnerability

I am studying these characteristics.  One because I want to feel less of it, the other because that is what thriving is made of. 



These are some notes I took from watching the first video...

 Vulnerability is not a weakness, it is emotional risk the stuff courage is made of. 

Vulnerability is the birthplace for innovation, creativity, and change. 

Shame - don't build your home their but daring greatly explore what it is to you. 

Brene believes that Guilt is "I made a mistake."  Shame is "I am a mistake."

Shame needs secrecy, silence and judgement to grow.  

I am studying these because I know that for me to grow and thrive I need to release shame and embrace vulnerability.  Intellectually I get it, implementing it is another story. 


Tundra Woman said...

I don't know if this will help but it was quite the realization to me as an adult:

Ruth, you were the CHILD. The adults around you failed spectacularly in their responsibilities to you and instead demanded you meet THEIR wants, whims etc. That's beyond selfish: It dehumanizes the other. It's a lot easier to violate someone who is seen as not being human or even as a vulnerable Little One.
Wild animals treat their offspring with more care and concern than we received.

Ruth said...

I agree TW. I get it on an intellectual level. I'm trying to process through at an emotional level. Thanks for your support and encouragement.