Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Verbal abuse

Buried in my drafts folder I found this link to Judy's blog.  Her post is a response to this link:

I needed this today.  I I was verbally abused by a student that used 12 of the 15 different types of verbal abuse.  I got frustrated and I could hear it in the intensity of my voice.  However, I didn't loose my cool.  I kept things even.  I did call security and had the student removed from the classroom.  I am reviewing the situation as to what might happen in the next few days.  My job is to stay as far away as I can possible get.  Fortunately, the student is not in a room that I work on a regular basis.  I don't need to tolerate abuse from anyone.  Thanks to Judy as I recounted the incidents and let me talk through all that happened.  I was verbally abused today.  I don't like it.  I don't need to tolerate it.  Hmmm.  I'm glad I dropped Judy's link in my box about 2 years ago.  Very helpful today. 

Things I can do tomorrow to avoid this student. 
1.  Arrive in the room after she leaves. 
2.  Stay away from the corridor where she walks to another class. 

If I do encounter the student,
1.  Observe her behavior
2.  Say hello only if she speaks first. 
3.  Remind myself that it is not my in my job description to tolerate verbal abuse. 
4.  Walk away. 

1.  Make sure Security phone number is easy access on my phone.

Plan ahead; follow my plan. 

Do not accept spider's invitation.  


mulderfan said...

Wow! Guess I was lucky! The school system I worked in for 33 years, prior to my retirement 18 years ago, would have suspended that student for 10 days and if she repeated the behaviour she would have been permanently expelled, leaving her parents with the job of transporting her to another school district.
My new son-in-law is a teacher in the system where I taught and the stories he tells makes it seem like the students and their parents are now running the system. A short time ago, with other teachers standing silently by he told a male student to stop shoving a female student. Protocol dictates that teachers can't physically intervene. The male then punched my SIL in the stomach and knocked him to the floor.
Five adult witnesses, including the Principal, saw the incident but by the time the student got home the story was reversed and the parents demanded an investigation so my SIL was the one suspended (with pay) for two weeks then cleared of punching the student.
Now, for your own safety, you not the student, will change your routine in order to protect yourself.
The lessons being taught here will not serve these students well in the work force or at college! Professors will eject them and their bosses will fire them.In real life, physical assault will lead to their arrest.
I miss "my kids" but am happy I jumped at the chance to retire early!

Ruth said...

Scary how turned around things have become. This is why I won't become a teacher. As an assistant, I can walk away. That is my plan...just walk away.