Friday, July 29, 2022

Sadness is upon me

 I read it on FB but unable to find it somewhere else.  Sadly, trying to link FB to a post is like trying to tape water to the wall.  Not happening.  

I have awesome friends on FB that share a variety of perspectives.  Today's gem explained that in some languages that an emotion is described as being on you, or you have it. In English we say, "I am sad."  However, the Irish say, "The sadness is upon me."  What I appreciate about this distinction is that emotions are temporary, and I have them for a while then they leave with another emotion starts to hang out with me.  I like the concept that emotions are part of my life, but my emotions are not who I am.  

The dragonfly is upon the rose soon as it warms up it will take off and fly.  

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