Monday, May 6, 2019


I follow Carol Anne and she did the word of the day Delight!  Her blog is private so you need to ask for a password.

This is the challenge she took:

Word of the day challenge of delight.  Wow, I love it. I often include gratitude as part of my daily routine, I think delight is gratitude amped-up.  Feeling of delight.

Looking up in the dictionary it is a noun and a verb.  Naming the emotion Delight, the action of feeling great pleasure, a verb. 

I felt delight today when a teacher told me she valued my help to day.
I felt delight today when my doctor told me I am doing very well and he doesn't need to see me for a year.  Woohoo. 

For me delight is a synonym for Woohoo. 

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