Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Email is not enough

Today in my email I get a spread sheet showing a complete revamping of my job and position with no explanation with the expectation of drop everything and change.  I knew the change was coming.  I tried to prepare myself for it.  I still feel body slammed and relieved all at the same time.  I worked out the worse possible scenarios.....I feel relief that none of them happened.  The change may be an improvement in many ways.  But even good changes take time to absorb and adjust to.  Whiplash changes that affect many people leave resentment, frustration, and confusion in their wake.  Then those making these extreme changes wonder why anyone is upset.  If you slam your brakes on the freeway for no apparent reason, people are going to honk at you.  I did get to meet with the person in charge of the changes.  I expressed my acceptance of the change then mentioned my concerns.  Sure enough there were some vital factors that no one even considered.  My head is a mess tonight trying to reshuffle in my mind all I need to do.  I'm going to miss working with a wonderful group of ladies.  I am looking forward to new challenges.  I am learning to express my concerns in a healthy constructive way.  Life is crazy then some administrator amps up the crazy.....then the wonder why things are crazy...  Venting my point of view. 



Sue said...

Dear Ruth, and then these socio-darwinists have the nerve to preach at the rest of us, how we ought to "embrace change." Ha, I want to slap it silly - because it's always about some toady changing things to be seen. Unregenerate behaviors are too much like drama.

Ruth said...

Thanks Sue, I understand that feeling. Well I'm working on the change and looking for ways to 'embrace change' without too much stress.