Wednesday, September 23, 2015

More changes coming

I talked with people at work and learned that more changes are coming.  I felt very relieved when I answered confidently that I will be able to handle the change.  I feel sad but not over whelmed.  I pray for those that are facing the biggest changes in their lives.  I'm thankful for the progress I've made that I can face these changes without falling apart.  Over on my PTSD blog I wrote about how family and friends can help support a person with PTSD.

Things I've learned:

After years of counseling, I still have bad days.

Sunk in despair.  It would be lovely sitting with me….not expecting me to respond, just being there.  Remember that Eeyore is still included at Pooh' corner. 

Remind me that it is not ok for me to be a jerk.  If I cross a boundary or behave rudely, please, tell me.  Too often people act as if I will break at the slightest correction.  I sometimes need to be told if I am out of line in my behavior.

Sometimes you need to talk through the simplest instructions.  Something as simple as folding a towel can become a monumental task.  By the time you finish explaining step 3, I forget step 1&2.  I’m not stupid, my mind really is like wading through waist high sludge.

Pushing me, usually brings negative results….suggest, recommendations, involving the doctor to make the recommendations sometimes helps….

Improvement in my eyes is not always noticeable by you.

Telling me someone else is worse off than I am, isn’t relevant.  Comparisons almost always have a nasty side effect of discouragement or false pride.

If I say I can’t do something, I probably can’t because the truth is what I believe.  Don’t berate me for what I believe.

Counselors do make a difference and the relationships appears particularly close when sharing the deepest darkest secrets….however, counselors cannot replace friends or loved ones.  Feeling excluded is fairly common, keep in mind that you have a different role that is often much more important.

A new day, a new challenge, I can do this. 

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