Friday, March 13, 2015

Happiness is.......

Spring Break.

A warm Puppy.  ~ Charles Schultz

I grew up reading this book over and over and over. 

My art blog is filled with pictures I enjoy.

I learned more about fun and happiness from reading:
Life's Uncertain, Eat Dessert First (You can buy it for a penny + shipping.)

I learned I cannot buy happiness, can't even rent it.  I know things that trigger happy thoughts or I can just go exploring them where ever.   However, there was a time of darkness in my life that was so dark and forbidding I thought I would never see light again.  God blessed me with a single light flickering in the darkness, pin-pricked specs of happiness.  I collected them and tuck them into my warm fuzzy box so I could bring them out on the darkest days.  Pam Young teaches about having a Happiness file.

It's a feeling....bubbles up from the toes and spreads sunshine through the whole body....Caution it is addictive and can slip away when provoked. 

I'm looking forward to a lovely week. 

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