Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Jumbles in my head

My head is a mess right now....allergies.  I swore up and down I never had them.  DH then asked me casually, "Then why do you get sick the same time of year, every year."  Crap.  Heavy sigh. 

The past few days my head has filled with a dozen half formed ideas for blog posts then my brain scrambles said thoughts until they make no sense whatsoever. Invisible Shadow nailed exactly what I am doing, https://theinvisibleshadow.wordpress.com/2015/03/10/fuzzy-focus/ I am spring-boarding from thought to thought one activity to the next without any direction. Years ago, I read a book called S.H.E. Sidetracked Home Executive.  I loved the zany book on housekeeping.  However, over the years the thing I worked on was something that my counselor pointed out early on in my discussions with him.  He asked me to tell him about myself and I told him about what I did.  He badgered me over and over asking me about me and not what I did.  I totally missed the point.  He was trying to get me to see that I am not defined by what I do.....not from my past and not in my present.  He challenged me to consider working on Be.  I know that this is not grammatically correct what I BE is more important than what I DO.  Thinks like:

Be kind
Be helpful
Be considerate
Be loving
Be excited
Be involved
Be learning
Be a listener
Be connected
Be alive
Sometimes just sit quietly and BE.

Still working on this.  

Don't be so busy, I miss the beauty of where I am. 

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