Sunday, March 29, 2015

Palm Sunday

I took a quick trip into an internet dark zone.  Went with DH to visit father-in-law.  I used all my phone data trying to stay connected.  I didn't realize how important feeling connected to the world is to me.  I read a children's cookbook and a basic cookbook for me.  I realized I know a whole lot more about cooking than I thought I did.  Kind of excited about what I am learning.  I am also reconnecting with crocheting.  At first, I worked at doing a pattern just so and I almost gave up....then I decided to crochet an ugly scarf.  I am having a blast.  It is haphazard and silly looking.  I'm enjoying reconnecting with a craft I gave up years ago.  I found some patterns I do want to do. I just want to get back into the swing of things first, then tackle something more precise. 

Next part is my thoughts on Palm Sunday.  For those unfamiliar with this, it is the day Jesus rode on a white ass into Jerusalem.  His followers laid down their coats and palm leaves as a triumphant entrance just before the Passover celebration.  Reading about it in the New Testament I recognize it is the beginning of the end.  Christ prepares and prophecies to his apostles what is about to happen.  The chapters are multilayer with meaning and symbols for the faithful to garner great truths.  I wonder how much was lost in writing and rewriting and translating.  Then I remind myself, the prophecies were fulfilled.  Either I believe in the Divinity of Christ or I don't.  There is no middle ground.  This will be a week of deep pondering and thinking.  I keep reading and studying more.  After I study about it, I pray that I may know the truth of what I have studied.  At times I am moving forward on faith, other times I am reassured in the warmest gentlest whisperings that Christ is who he says he is, the only begotten of a loving Heavenly Father.  Christ knew before the world was that he had a mission entrusted to him.  This is the week that changed eternity and fulfilled the atonement.  I choose to believe.


mulderfan said...

As a children, on Palm Sunday, we were given strips of palm leaf that were woven into crosses. I was always delighted with this little treasure and would keep it for months until the leaf dried up and crumbled. The significance was lost on the children that received this gift.
Today, I understand the cross-shaped palm leaf was a forewarning of what was to befall Jesus and I'm glad, as innocent children, we didn't understand that.

Ruth said...

Innocent children see the world differently. Too bad many adults don't know what it means to have things age appropriate.