Sunday, May 17, 2015


I had this awesome post all planned out, I just needed to write it down.  I didn't, now, I don't remember any of it other than thinking it was really good. 

The lost is found.  DH helped me find something that I put in a 'safe place.'  Well it never made it to the 'safe place.'  He found it stacked with a bunch of other stuff.  Heavy sigh.  Thanks DH. 

I know part of this is End-of-School stress.  5 more days until summer.  Stress and memory or lack of is an unpleasant combination. 

This joke comes to mind at times like these......

Two missionaries were walking down a country lane.  One carried a sign, "The End is Near."  A driver saw them and their sign, flipped them off, then sped on down the road.  Shortly there was an all mighty splash.  The missionary without the sign suggested that maybe they should change the sign to "Bridge OUT." 

Teachers and staff count the days as carefully as the students. 

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