Monday, December 9, 2013

Collection of Christmas Carols

In college, I was part of a madrigal group that went around a downtown area singing Christmas Carols every night for a week.  I love them.  I decided to collect together a few of my favorites that are posted somewhere online.

Little Drummer Boy
Neil Diamond sings Little Drummer Boy

Silent Monks - Hallelujah Chorus

Cast in Bronze - Carol of the Bells Christmas album

12 Pains of Christmas

Sleigh Ride

We opened our presents together and this became a great way to start the morning with Christmas music.  We would start the music and the kids would march in together to take turns opening presents.  With 6 kids, this sometimes took a while.  When we lived in Spokane, Washington no family lived close by so we spent the morning opening presents then played with them all day.  Our first year up there we didn't have a lot of money.  We bought the tree Christmas eve for a dollar.  My DH trimmed branches from the bottom then added them in by drilling holes in the trunk.  Our decorations were simple and the toddlers in our family loved it.  Now, our kids have families of their own and starting their own traditions.  I enjoy the TV station that has a fire burning and Christmas music all day. Each year is a little different since often my DH works Christmas so the guys that have kids at home can be home with their families.  We share Christmas with them on another day.  I enjoy having several days of Christmas.  This year I am planning a real tree.  This will delay decorating until later in the month since trees tend to dry out very fast in this area.  I am enjoying the colder weather and anticipation of a lovely time together.  I am also cancelling several other activities or sending my regrets that I am not coming.  I tend to get overwhelmed at this time of year and work at reminding myself that I do NOT need to do everything I am invited to.  Enjoy music is part of the fun for me.

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