Monday, December 2, 2013


Congratulations and thank you to Poppyposts, she received a Liebster Award and passed it to me.

For those of you not familiar with this award here is a link I found that tells a little about it:

I believe the beautiful thing about this award is the person awarding it to a another blogger is showing their appreciation for that person's impact on their lives.  It is a way to say, "Thank you for making a difference in my life and I want to get to know you a little better."  With the reward is a list of questions to help get to know the blogger receiving the award.  You can actually do a search for Liebster Award and get many hits of people that have received it in the past.  As noted by sopphey, the original giver is lost in cyberspace either no longer blogging or change of address unknown.  To me, this shows the power of this award in saying, "Thanks for making a difference to me."

1) What is your greatest achievement or proudest moment and why?
Many proud moments revolve around parenting but I decided to consider the greatest achievement for myself.  I believe that moment was when I realized all my hard work paid off when I integrated.  Taking a fragmented soul and working through the counseling and faith that the Savior will mend the broken places made all the difference.
2) What was your favourite subject at school and can you remember a particular lesson?
Math when the teacher marked the correct answer wrong because I wasn't supposed to know it yet. Yep, it is true.  My older brothers discussed negative numbers around the dinner table.  I thought it was way cool to know what to do if the number you are subtracting is larger than the number you start with.  I was still in grade school.  My math teacher gave us subtraction problems.  I answered the question with a negative number.  The teacher marked it wrong.  I went up and asked her about it.  She told me that I wasn't supposed to know that yet.  She said I did it correctly but the right answer was supposed to be 'I don't know.'
3) If you could have fresh flowers delivered every day, which would you chose? 
Roses is a short answer.  I had a quote on my wall that said, "You can grieve because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses." I love all flowers so bouquets of anything would be delightful.
4) If you could employ ONE of the following, which would you have? A chef, a massuer/euse, a chauffeur, a gardener or a personal shopper?
A chef, I love good tasting food.  I got this part way.  At the school where I work, culinary makes our lunches for the preschool.  Mac and Cheese tastes amazing.
5) What is you favourite book or story?  
Agony to pick just one.  I remember buying my first book at a huge used book sale at the Fair grounds.  I bought a Bible for 10 cents.  I love books.  I discovered that I own more book cases than most people have book shelves.
6) What was the last song or piece of music you listed to? 
Silent Night, Christmas is coming I love listening to the carols.
7) What makes you laugh?
The unexpected. Grandkids. I remembering singing, "I love to laugh," from Mary Poppins.  Life is just funny so much of the time.  I also learned that in some situations I can laugh or cry; I prefer laughing.
8) When and what was the last thing you did for YOU? I spent the last 6 months learning to take care of me.  A few of the changes are a new small camera (one I am willing to share with my grandkids), a year pass to Chihuly in the desert, Time Out for Women weekend, and Karate lessons.  Meeting my needs in a proactive manner is leaving me feeling more confident and happier than I ever remember being. 
9) If you could do anything you want today, what would you do? If I am alone, I would want to be at the Botanical Gardens shooting pictures of Chihuly glass.  If I had super powers, I would fly to see each of my kids.  That would be a busy day since they are kind of spread around the world. 
10) If you were an animal, what would you be?  When I entered kindergarten, my mother asked me if I wanted a nickname.  I was 4 1/2, I said, 'Bunny' because that was my favorite animal, thank goodness I didn't say Monkey because that was my second favorite.  Now, I think I would want to be a bear.  Sleep from October to April then eat as much as I want for six months then sleep again.  No one would complain if I was grumpy, fat or hairy. 

Passing on the award to:

I am sad to say that some of the amazing blogs I used to read are no longer blogging.  They chose to move onto a new phase in their lives.  I wish them the very best.  UPSI, Kiki, One Angry Daughter, Disturbed Angel are but a few that have helped me by opening my eyes to many different perspectives and blessing me with their stories.  Some of my fellow bloggers have gone private, I appreciate them continuing their stories quietly. I love my sister's books and her author blog keeps me up on what is new and wonderful in her writing world.  Poppy awarded Judy's other blog already.  :)  Courage is part of who mulderfan is.  She encouraged me, taught me, and befriended me.  I consider her my Cyber big sister.  She makes a difference for me.  Photography and the stories that go with his pictures. I like the combination A survivor speaking up.  I admire Evan's work.  He is taking a bit of time off from blogging.  Reading his past post is a place to begin.

One I am adding is new blog but she came from another blog I followed.  In finding her voice, she decided to start a new blog:
Hopefully this award will give us an opportunity to get to know her a little better. 

Honorable mention since the blog following is fairly large but this blog is making an impact on my life and want to share it:

10 questions I hope they are able to answer:  

1) Where would you like to travel to and why?

2) If you could share just one book with the world what would it be?

3) If you could talk to anyone from anytime, who would you choose and what would you want to talk about?

4)  What is your favorite recipe?

5)  What makes you laugh?  (I like that question.)

6)  Would you share 3 things from your 'bucket list'?  'Bucket list' is those things you would like to do before you kick the bucket (die).

7)  If you could start a museum, what would you want to collect?

8)  What memory brings a smile to your face every time you think of it?

9)  What Bookmark on your browser would you like to share?

10)   If you could take a class in anything, what would it be?

Please share your answers to these or 10 questions of your choice in a post and pass the award on.



TR said...

Congrats! Love reading your responses. xxoo

Unknown said...

Lovely! These questions reveal so much about a person. I do think they are great to do. We can relate with the answers and your answers inspire me to do things differently. Must be good. :)