Friday, September 12, 2014

Survivor's Guilt

The day after 9/11 is a day to reflect.  So many felt the bewilderment of "Why me, why did I survive and my loved one, coworker, fireman, police officer....or any other had to die?"

Survivor's guilt defined.

This is one of the emotions that I am trying to work through.  I am taking the advice of the article from one of the mass shootings and seeking professional help.

Band back together created a page of resources.  I am posting it here so I know to go back and study more of the links.

I don't have answers for this.  I have questions and pain and sometimes the guilt is over whelming.  Why was I let go? Was it as simply that I became too old or too numb? 

Sometimes I feel it is my responsibility to stand up and say, "There is evil in the world.  Those evil people want you to believe that they don't exist.  Evil is real. I have witnessed it."

I have seen darkness, I am thankful for the Light of Christ.  He is my champion. 

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